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Review of Coal Mining Industry Long Service Leave Framework

Media Release

Minister for Industrial Relations
Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash

Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General
Assistant Minister for Women
Assistant Minister for Industrial Relations
Senator the Hon. Amanda Stoker

Joint media release

The Australian Government will launch an independent review of the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave Funding) Corporation (Coal LSL) to safeguard the long service leave entitlements of employees in the black coal mining industry.

The review will consider the current laws, Coal LSL’s performance, and potential legislative and non-legislative measures to improve the adequacy and transparency of the scheme as well as public confidence in it.

Coal LSL is an Australian Government corporation which regulates and manages long service leave entitlements on behalf of eligible employees in the black coal mining industry.

“The coal industry’s operating environment continues to evolve, and the laws currently regulating the scheme are not serving employees or employers as they should,” the Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations, Michaelia Cash said.

“More than 128,000 employees are accruing or have accrued long service leave through the scheme, and Coal LSL has in excess of $1.9 billion in funds under management. This review is critical in ensuring the scheme, and the corporation that manages it, is a model for the highest standards of governance of worker entitlements with appropriate and robust safeguards in place.”

“I know that many employers, employees and their representatives have raised various issues in the past. I encourage them and others to engage with this review process, so that Coal LSL is in the strongest possible position for the years ahead.”

The final report of the review will be provided to the government in 2021.

Read the review's terms of reference