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  • Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General

  • Assistant Minister for Industrial Relations

  • Assistant Minister for Women

Senator the Hon Amanda Stoker has served as Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General since 22 December 2020 and as Assistant Minister for Industrial Relations and Assistant Minister for Women since 30 March 2021.

Media releases

National Asbestos Awareness Week 2021: Think Twice About Asbestos, it's in 1 in 3 homes

This year's National Asbestos Awareness Week (22-28 November) campaign asks Australians to Think Twice About Asbestos. The campaign challenges complacency by reminding home renovators and tradespeople that the danger of asbestos is far from over.

Retirement of Chief Executive of AFSA

Today Mr Hamish McCormick is formally retiring as Chief Executive of the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), Inspector-General in Bankruptcy and Registrar of Personal Property Securities.

National forum on workplace sexual harassment

Today the Attorney-General announced the Commonwealth will be hosting a two-day national forum on 11 and 12 November 2021 on the prevention, management and regulation of workplace sexual harassment.


Sky News First Edition with Peter Stefanovic

Subjects: Lidia Thorpe, Religious Discrimination Bill, Greg Hunt, Christian Porter

ABC Radio Brisbane with Steve Austin

Subjects: Jenkins report, parliamentary business, social media

ABC Afternoon Briefing with Patricia Karvelas

Subjects: Jenkins report, religious discrimination bill, Commonwealth Integrity Commission, anti-trolling bill, national accounts


Launch of Australian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council's Conciliation Report

Speech - Launch of Australian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council's Conciliation Report, 26 November 2021

National Whistleblowing Symposium

Speech - National Whistleblowing Symposium, 11 November 2021

Queensland Bar Association — 28 August 2021

Speech - Queensland Bar Association, 28 August 2021